Welcome back to Bible study, as we discuss week two from Breaking Free by Beth Moore. This week we examined the five primary benefits God extends to His children. When you are lacking in one or more of the five benefits, you might be in spiritual captivity and it’s time to break free.

According to Beth Moore, “God wants to do for you what your eyes have never seen, your ears have never heard, and your mind has never conceived.” When I was a new Bible student these words made me feel nervous. Today, they make me feel fantastic!

Open your Bible and read Isaiah 43:10 NIV: “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He.” 

What needs to happen for you to “be His witness?” Let’s turn it around. If we are not a witness for God, then who are we witnessing for? During the pandemic, I learned the importance of witnessing faith over fear. As I sat in the ambulance waiting for an ICU room, I decided to bring God with me into the covid ward. While I was there I prayed for the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and everyone working in the difficult environment. As patients were surrounding me, I prayed for their families and their health.

Even in a pandemic in a covid ward- I am God’s witness. And I will never be a witness for satan. Never.

When I was a new Bible study student, more than 20 years ago I was called by Jesus to “KNOW ME.” Knowing with certainty this was His will, I started to pursue Jesus intentionally. Later, during the Experiencing God Bible study I felt called God was calling me back to college. Asking my pastor for direction, I enrolled in Bible college and earned a graduate of Biblical studies degree. Knowing Jesus means knowing the Word. Today I teach this to the Bible Cafe community.

Captivity is a hindrance to an abundant Christian life. Knowing this, I am committed to removing spiritual strongholds and obstacles from my life.

God desires to be recognizable in you. What helps you reveal God’s glory and “externalize Christ in you?” Taming my tongue, speaking about the glory of God, witnessing His transformation in my life, and disciplining others are the ways I reveal Christ in me. None are “religious” activities like my childhood faith. These are the Fruit of the Spirit inside me.

Spiritual maturity is a growth process and does not happen overnight. Knowing we are all making progress towards spiritual maturity, how can we reflect kindness and gentleness towards people who are in struggling in faith? Use the Bible to lift and encourage, not to shame or punish. Judge your own heart, not hers.

The Lord offers contentment through spiritual food and water for your soul. We spend time feasting at His “table” as we read the Bible and use a devotional. We can listen to worship music, Christian podcasts, and sermons, and read Christian books. While these are wonderful things, Biblical peace is found in Christ alone and not in religious activities.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 NIV

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