Books of the Month

Come read inspirational books with us!

Each month our volunteer leaders select fiction and nonfiction books for discussion. Our books include Christian bestsellers, new releases, hot topics, and more. Borrow books from your local library, get a copy from a favorite bookstore, or find at Amazon. read a few chapters a day and finish the book by the last week of the month for a group discussion (details below). Click book image to read some of the reviews.

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2019 Book Club Selections 

Our volunteer leaders have selected these books for reading and discussing this month. Get a book and join us!

Leader: Christine Abraham

Leader: Maryann Lorts

Leader: Cindy Webster

Leader: Carol Graft

Past Book Club Selections

Although we’ve finished reading these books, you can still join a discussion and post your opinions. Just type the book title into the search box for our Facebook group and you’ll be directed to the Facebook discussion post for the book you’ve selected! 

Leader: Christine Abraham

Leader: Stasia Nielsen

Leader: Cindy Webster

Leader: Carol Graft


 A public group increases awareness of Christian books and authors

 You can join as your personal profile or join and post as your author page

 community members can post book reviews and encourage reading

 keeps focus of group as entertainment

 Spouses could read together


#1 Members will pick a book the first week of of the month, and discuss it the last week of each month. This gives them an entire month to read their book. They could also read several books during the month and then join a discussion with us.

#2 We’re going to move the book club to once a month discussion rather than once a week. This removes the spoiler alerts!! Local book clubs typically meet 12 times a year, once a month, with a different theme (and meal) each month. They also rotate the hostess/home for the event.

#3 We seem to get better engagement if the Book club discussion does not have a specific TIME of day associated with it. There is resistance to “its not in my time zone, I cant meet that day” because we are a global community.

#4 It also works better if the book club format is not the same as the Bible study format. We have a separate group for Bible studies. The objective of a book club is entertainment not education. But we do like reading nonfiction…so instead of asking 40 questions about a single book (when we meet once a week with 10 questions) we will instead have more generalized questions and it will be informal as if we are sitting in a living room or a library room together. Books on our laps, not flashcards with questions 🙂


WEEK ONE OF THE MONTH: Promote the books and invite women to join. Share links to bookstores and libraries where they can find their books. Share links to author bios (from the author websites) if available. Volunteer leaders can promote your event everyday that first week, if you choose to. You could make a video, if you wanted…or upload a photo of you (selfie) holding the book. On a beach. 🙂

WEEK TWO OF THE MONTH: Volunteer leaders share a random post from the book, such as a quote, or an image, or even an article related to the book topic (such as South Pacific, if book is on that topic).

WEEK THREE OF THE MONTH: Random encouragement, FUN book reading memes are engaging content.

WEEK FOUR OF THE MONTH: Discussion on the book. Volunteer leaders can choose to do this as a Facebook Live (video), or as a chat under a photo (