This book review for Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby is helpful if you are looking for the Bible study book. According to Writer’s Digest, “A book review is not a summary. It’s not a report. It’s a conversation.”

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Here at the Bible Cafe™ we like conversations about books, coffee, and Bibles. Especially about Experiencing God.

Because we model integrity for our Online Womens Bible Study Groups, we follow a specific model for our book reviews. Our 5-Point Method in writing a book review for Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby follows this proven method.

Step #1: Read the book cover to cover.

Here the Bible Cafe™ we have facilitated the Experiencing God Bible Study many times. Its a “fan favorite” and life-changing experience. As leaders, we read cover to cover. Then we gather with Online Womens Bible Study Groups and discuss the weekly lessons.

Step #2: Identify the writing style and Bible Translation.

Our book review for Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby identifies three authors. In addition to the main author Henry, this book is co-authored by his son Richard Blackaby and editor Claude King. The writing is cohesive and without editorial error.

The theology may vary slightly from your local church teaching. And so if your religious denomination is conservative, middle, or charismatic- you will view the book from your denominational lens. If you feel uncertainty about a lesson in the member book, the best advice is to ask your local church leader “Where do we stand on that?”

Many readers will be happy with the common language usage. This classic Bible study does not require theological dictionaries to understand, Phew, that’s good news! The authors are not using elevated speech or writing above the reader’s ability to understand. Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby is written for the everyday reader and easy to read.

In our edition of the book review for Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby (published in 1990, updated in 2007) the publisher is using the New International Version (NIV) Bible translation. Recently, some Publishers have been changing Bible translations. And so, the best recommendation is for to look at the inside copyright page on your book. Lifeway Christian Resources is a Southern Baptist Publisher for Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.

Step #3- Are there other versions of this book?

Yes. And this can be super confusing. We receive many emails about the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby because it’s available in different formats. There’s the “Member Book” sometimes called the “workbook” or “study guide.” This is used as a learning resource for online and local Bible study. In the table of contents you will see the material is organized into 12-units (called units).

Browse Experiencing God by Blackaby on any book website and you will see the confusion. This is one of the reasons why we wrote a book review for you. Because other versions of the book are different from the Experiencing God by Blackaby Bible Study.

Here’s what we found:

Experiencing God by Blackaby- Leader Guide

Experiencing God by Blackaby- Devotional Book

Experiencing God by Blackaby- Chapter Book

We also found teen version, Spanish version, and other publications under the Experiencing God by Blackaby branding. If you follow our instructions for the INSIDE COVER and TABLE OF CONTENTS, then you will now if you have the correct book for the Experiencing God by Blackaby Online Bible Study.

Step #4- Does the book help me grow closer to God?

Experiencing God by Blackaby is popular because many people have grown closer to God after completing the study. It’s a classic, life-changing Bible study experience. While new believers and Beginner Bible Study students will benefit greatly, those who are advanced Bible students will appreciate it as well.

Step #5- If I were sitting at a cafe, with a family member or friend would I recommend this book?

I have recommended Experiencing God by Blackaby to many of my family members and friends. But, and this is important, I encourage them to get the MEMBER BOOK first. Then I make sure they are connected with a church or online Bible study group. Because Experiencing God by Blackaby is a long study, reading the SAME BOOK 5-days a week for 3-months, accountability is crucial to completing the study.

Longer classic Bible studies have been replaced with shorter studies today. Let’s face it…we want QUICK answers and FAST applications!

But my friends, I assure you, some of these classic studies such as Experiencing God by Blackaby are worth the investment of time. You will not forget the experience. You will gather wonderful insight about God, the “7 Realities,” knowing God, and doing the will of God. Can I hear a loud AMEN?

Push aside the resistance for in & out Bible study. Go deeper and Experience God- daily!