I went Bible shopping with my family today and we had so much fun! One lady was there looking for her first Bible and said “Your family is so entertaining, I’ve never had so much fun!” All I can say is that today we looked like the Duck Dynasty family.

(image: Unsplash)

My kids need Bibles for summer camp. My 12-year-old daughter has outgrown her purple princess Bible with crystal beads. And so, I showed her a Life Application Study Bible in a smaller size. Then she says “Mom, I don’t need THAT!!! All I want is Bible with just the words, nothing else!”

My 15-year-old daughter rolls her eyes, says “I don’t need a Bible, they share the verses on the screen anyway!” When her sister picks out a cool Bible suddenly she “needs” one too.

My husband says “I love my Bible, and I don’t need a new one because I bring my iPad to church.”

Like a bookstore super fan, I scan the rows back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I pick up every Bible that catches my eye- mostly pink or purple. With careful consideration, I look at the translation.  Narrowing my choices, “this one is too heavy” or “the print is too tiny.” Finally I find one called “Large Print Tiny Bible” and the cover is so beautiful, I MUST have it. My husband asks “How many Bibles do you own already?” The woman observing us just burst out laughing.

As my husband and kids get to the cashier counter, she asks him “Do you want your name embossed on the cover?” With typical embarrassment, my husband yells across the Christian bookstore/coffee shop “Honey, do we want the kids names printed on the Bible?” I yell back “Well, they are going to summer camp with 700 kids so it would be nice.” The kids are delighted and we finally leave the bookstore, carrying Bibles embossed with summer camp names.