Whenever I tell someone we’re starting the Beth Moore Esther study, the excitement is infectious! Anyone who has done this study knows its FANTASTIC and she’ll want you to know too. The first time I did this study we met at my local church small group. My table hostess gave everyone in the group a tiny princess crown for her hair. We wore our tiaras, sipped coffee drinks, and poured into the pages of the Bible.

Are you a princess too? The Womens Bible Cafe™ is here to remind you of your worth. You have a position in the family of God. You’re a daughter of the King. You’re OUR family- wherever you are.

Come join us for online Bible study. You can choose the free Facebook group to gather with our community.

But if you DISLIKE Facebook then come join me for PRIVATE groups through our membership site. You’ll see information on the reopening of the membership site soon.

What I like about online Bible study is our diversity. This transcends my local church studies because I’m learning with women around the world. I LOVE our differences and the VALUE each woman has for our discussion. We find unity in the Bible.

My local church divided us by age (yikes) and my heart was crushed when younger women stood up and walked into a different room. My absolute best Bible study experience is when we are diverse- not alike! It’s my opinion of how Heaven would look too.

Another cool aspect from online Bible study… women unable to get to a local church can join us! Our community is filled with women in the military, college students, missionaries, and those who are limited in mobility.

Sometimes women join us because they can’t find a local Bible study. Some join us after they were hurt in their church and feel rejected. We don’t judge you- our community loves EVERYBODY.

You don’t need a car, fancy clothes, and a babysitter. Many women join us with babies on their laps or barking dogs (video groups). It’s simply LOADS of FUN. But you need to come to the Bible Cafe™ instead of just observing us! Are you ready for such as time as this?

We have three purposes at the Bible Cafe™ since I started this 10 years ago.

#1 We study the Word of God.

#2 We connect with Christian women around the world.

#3 We grow closer to God through ongoing studies.

Become a member of our community and join us for the Beth Moore Esther study.

Learn More: https://www.biblecafe.org/esther-online-bible-study/