We’re almost finished with Believing God by Beth Moore, a fabulous online Bible study experience. The discussion groups have been very helpful in our understanding of Believing God. Good job everyone! May you be double blessed for your participation in Believing God Week 7 and gain wisdom through this Bible Cafe™ study.

Beth Moore states, “The middle of any challenging journey can be the most critical point.” As discussed in our Zoom group, we might feel fatigued as we wander 40  years toward our promised land. Perhaps discouragement finds us, as we wait longer than we anticipated. Even a sense of boredom can cause us to end the journey. Yet when we turn this around, we can approach the journey with excitement and seek new revelations along the way. Like a treasure hunt, we experience transformation. Our discovery and change will motivate us to continue until we reach the destination: Promised Land Living.

During the journey, it might be helpful to organize your faith adventure with God into stories to share with your children or spiritual children. Try keeping a photo journal, a written journal, or even a calendar with key markers on the way. Write down your dreams and visions. When the Holy Spirit gives you wisdom, write this down. Use your record of events as reminders of when God revealed Himself to you.

As we looked back this week in our timelines, we saw God’s presence in your life. My timeline felt exciting, like a Father-child relationship based on love. Knowing God is my King, I can look at my journey from the view of His Princess. In the timeline, I found several unexpected treasures and gifts of discovery. Most importantly, I saw a presence that never leaves via the Holy Spirit. For this reason, my worship is authentic and beautiful as I rejoice in the goodness of God.

In the Bible, God commanded memorial stones so the children and grandchildren would remember His faithfulness. What “memory stones” remind you of your history with God? I like to look at specific Bible verses, which I call my life verses. In these verses, I remember the strength of God and allowing wisdom (not fear) to lead me. My Bible study workbooks are also memorial stones, with 100 completed Bible Cafe studies I can see my spiritual transformation and personal growth. My prayer journal is a reminder of small group discussions and answered prayers.

Look at your social media memories. Does your social media history tell a story about God’s presence in your life? Is it primarily faith-based or fear-based content? When I look at my memories I see myself pivot from fear to faith. My timeline became encouraging, positive, and authentic. A reminder of my spiritual growth and transformation.

How do you remember the things that God has said to you personally? I encourage you to record them like a scribe. When God speaks, write it down. As you listen and discern, talk about your experience with women of faith in Bible Cafe small groups. With your friends, pray over God’s word and seek revelation. Each day ask “What does Jesus want me to know for today?” And write down your answer.

This week you looked back at your history with God. Did you have any spiritual teachers when you were a child? Maybe a grandmother read her Bible aloud to you. Perhaps she prayed over you and your siblings. Or maybe a grandfather shared his story of God’s faithfulness? If you grew up Catholic, you probably had nuns, priests, and schoolteachers help you in your faith. A few women in our Zoom group mentioned godmothers and the great impact they had in early faith development.

One of my mentors was a spiritual father, a missionary, and an older man who helped me as my ministry advisor. When I made a mistake, he corrected me. If I felt confused, he led me to my Bible. When I was discouraged, he prayed. Another spiritual mentor is my pastor, who encouraged me to develop the Womens Bible Cafe. And my first Bible study, where the Bible became alive and living Word, helped me to Know Jesus.

My prayer for today is that many women will experience God and know Jesus by reading their Bible. May His love and Word reside in their hearts and minds. May they experience a personal revival of faith!


Christine Abraham writes for the Bible Cafe™ community. Learn about living by the Fruit of the Spirit as you enjoy her online Bible studies. Join Christine at the Bible Cafe™ University for weekly Bible teaching.