Welcome back to our womens online Bible study for Believing God Week 6 by Beth Moore. During our study about Believing God, we gathered in online small groups via Facebook and Bible Cafe™ University. It’s a great place to study, connect, and grow.

Beth Moore reads her daily Bible aloud and gets the Word into her mouth. What might be a benefit of speaking the Word of God instead of just reading it? In our small group discussion this week, we explored the idea of the atmosphere and audience. Who is listening? Maybe you have small kids in the house and they are enjoying your voice as you read aloud. Perhaps you are caretaking for an elderly parent and they appreciate the spoken Word. It’s a beautiful thing when we read the Word and others are hearing it too.

According to Beth Moore, “The primary reason God’s Word can have such an effect on a Believer’s daily life is its vital association with the Holy Spirit.” If you are not reading God’s Word, then you are reading the worldview opinions. Be mindful about saturating yourself in what is GOOD. You will speak like the world or you will speak like the heart of Jesus. Your choi

Open your Bible and read Proverbs 18:21 NIV: The tongue has the power of life and death. How can we use our words to give life? Jennifer in our online small group used the analogy of when you have a good boss versus a bad boss. One who lifts you up at work and does well or one who nags and says you do horrible things all the time. Which “boss” are you speaking over yourself?

When you look at the word “Curse” the obvious though are those words we tell our children not to speak. But go deeper with me. What is a curse, actually? When we tell our children they have no future or will not get into college or never find a wife, we are cursing them! If we gossip about our friends, we are cusing them. Look at your word habits and change them. Learn to speak life.

Turn your Bible to James 3:2 NIV: We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check. Taming the tongue is a sign of Christian maturity. It’s how we recognize wisdom and self-control. Maybe our words are beautiful to God? Try a few and see how they make you feel. Talk with gentleness, patience, and kindness.

Now turn to James 3:10 NIV Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Why should we not praise and curse from the same mouth? This is a form of testing. You might think about when you were a child, touched a hot stove, and never touched it again. The same testing and learning happen when we speak life-or-death words. If we make a mistake, we experience a consequence and will not repeat that. We learn from mistakes but do not pick up the identity of shame. Our words reveal the roots inside our hearts. These may be roots of the flesh and world or roots of the Holy Spirit.

Praying out loud strengthens our thoughts and transforms our hearts. Learn to hear the Word of God. Jesus gave us many examples of praying to His Father. When Jesus prayed aloud, angels listened, satan and demons ran away, and people were strengthened, delivered, and healed.

According to Beth Moore, using Scripture in prayer “transfers the burden to God’s Word rather than my ability to pray correctly or adequately.” There are great benefits to praying God’s Word!

Imagine your love language is “words of affirmation.” What affirming words would you say about yourself today? A few women struggled with this question, then after thinking about it more…were very blessed! Write down your answer.

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