It’s time for another Bible Cafe™ study as we discuss Believing God Week 3 by Beth Moore. In this week of study, we are questioning the strength of our faith. Do we believe God Can Do What He Says He Can Do…or is our faith lukewarm? These are important Bible Cafe™ conversations. Grab your Bible, study book, and iced tea. Let’s continue our summer online Bible study.

Those of us who are Christ followers believe the Word of God is our plumbline. This Holy Bible anchors our moral values, life purpose, and hope for the future. The Bible has never failed in 2,000 years despite the world’s chaos. Knowing this is a plumbline, are you reading your Bible or does it sit on a dusty shelf?

My Bible used to sit in the dust, unread unless I was experiencing a crisis that the world could not solve for me. But then, after I started the Womens Bible Cafe™ in 2009 and began diligently studying, it became a plumbline for every decision in my life. It was no longer a Band-Aid rescue but a Book of love and a Living Word. It became my daily bread.

Read your Bible daily. If you find the content repetitive and are overly familiar with the words, try reading a different Bible translation. Use a Life Application Study Bible, or a commentary Bible from your favorite pastor. Challenge yourself to see the Bible with fresh eyes yet sound theology. Watch online sermons from churches in other cities and denominations, paying attention to how they interpret the passage. Avoid motivational speakers and seek sermons with sound theology. Hear the Word, as you listen to an audio Bible. Get this into your heart, mind, and soul! Select the focus word for the year, open your Bible, and mark every verse where you find that word mentioned. These simple methods will help you use your plumbline more often.

If we are not using the Word of God as a plumbline, what alternative authority are we using to measure right from wrong? Many people will seek direction from their parents, friends, or coworkers. Others depend on the news media to influence their decisions on how to vote, dress for the weather, and manage their medical care. Some will seek the opinion of billionaires such as Zuckerberg, Musk, or Oprah, presuming these intellectuals are good plumblines.

New Christians might view their pastors as their plumbline, but if the pastor has hidden sins or motives, this can quickly cause the newbie to lose faith. Children depend on biased schoolteachers and social media as their plumbline, causing the corruption of moral values. We discussed these dangerous alternatives in our Bible Cafe small groups as we examined the worldview with biblical truths.

God displayed signs and wonders in Jesus’ day. In the historical period, the world was filled with mystics, mediums, astrologers, and palm readers operating under an evil spirit, God tested the prophets to prove their inadequacies. As we know from the Revelation Online Bible Study, the antichrist spirit discredits miracles by mimicking them and creating confusion.

If miracles reveal God’s glory, why do we turn away from discussing them or attempt to discredit them? The world pressures us to live within what it can see. As Christ’s followers, we walk by faith, not by sight. So how can we discern if a supernatural event is coming from the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit? Look at the Fruit. Does the supernatural event give glory to God? Is the testimony profit-driven or coming from selfish ambition? Does the testimony lead people to God’s heart and His Word?

We need a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit for this generation.  What helps people see or hear Him when filtered by social media algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? People need to share their testimonies. Gather in homes for meals and celebrate holidays. Tell others how God answered your prayer. Be careful to talk about YOURSELF and YOUR testimony. You are an eyewitness and ambassador for Christ. Share your story and keep your conversation about faith, hope, and love.

Read Acts 2:1 NIV: In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Why should we not be surprised if we hear increasing testimonies of God revealing a message through a dream? We are taught to be skeptics, that everything is “fake news” so discernment becomes more challenging but NOT difficult. Open your Bible and look to see if the dream and vision bring glory to God. Let people judge you and don’t fear it when they disagree. The antichrist spirit wants you to be silent. Speak up for Jesus, not man.

According to Beth Moore, “The lack of supernatural intervention could very well be a result of our stronghold of unbelief.” Because we are pressured to “fake news” on everything, even the Word is now filtered. Big tech has a “remedy” for our confusion and has created Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help us see their way of thinking. A worldview.

Listen to the voice of God when you read your Bible. It’s a plumbline that will never fail.

Christine Abraham writes for the Bible Cafe™ community. Learn about living by the Fruit of the Spirit as you enjoy her online Bible studies. Join Christine at the Bible Cafe™ University for weekly Bible teaching.