My Bible study friend has an impressive planner. With the skill of an artist, she color-codes her daily tasks. Nothing to be overlooked, she maps out the details of her day. Her visual prompts are then added to her smartphone for encouragement. Colorful reminders pop up throughout her busy day. The yellow task is time to get kids from school. The green task is time to pay a bill. The pink task is time to cook the family meal. Purple task, time for Bible study. It’s a brilliant time management method.

As we gathered for small groups and prayer, she shared her disappointment. Just 11 of her 12 tasks were completed yesterday. She laments, “It feels like disobedience because I missed that last task.” Many of us have experienced a similar result as we battle with planner perfection.

We continued our conversation and I asked her how she would complete this sentence: “I’m living for today when…” And she answered, “I’m living for today when I complete all my tasks.” Once again, I challenged her: “What if you say, ‘I’m living for today when I allow myself to be imperfect?’ What if Jesus says it’s okay to miss one task today? What you accomplished is great, for today.”

Her story is a reflection between partial obedience and full obedience. Perfection and procrastination. At the end of the day, where do you stand? Are your tasks relevant to God’s calling for today?  Give yourself grace and celebrate each step towards obedience. A perfect day is a day following our Jesus. Where He goes, we go too.



“I’m not an over-achiever; I’m more of an over-attempter…I must say no to my over-attempting self so I can say yes to my true self.” Cheri Gregory, Overwhelmed Bible Study 


But when the time of perfection comes, these partial things will become useless. (1 Corinthians 13:10 NLT)


Today I am living for today when I follow the path of Jesus. He guides me to productivity, and then He guides me to rest. He places my daily tasks into His order of importance. Missing a task at the end of the day is an opportunity for me to move forward- without regret.


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