Online Bible study is a great place to have a conversation. This week in the Anonymous study we are gathering in small groups and sharing our thoughts. Grab your latte or hot tea and come join me at Bible Cafe University.

In our small groups, we talked about the word “anonymous”  as meaning unseen, not known, of little value or importance. Sometimes being anonymous is intentional on our part. Especially whistleblowers, reporting a crime, and telling the truth without persecution. Other times, it might feel unintentional in our roles as stay-at-home moms, caretakers, or students in the back of the class.

Cindi Wood writes, “God does not define you by your current or past struggle.” My friends, I agree 100% with Cindi. But early in my walk of faith I struggled to believe this and thought I was in a purgatory relationship with God. I thought my sins were worse than others and my faith was unacceptable. And so o I kept my distance from Him. I call this spiritual identity theft!

My life with Jesus started at an early age when I chose to be saved and then baptized at 12 years old. During a Bible Café study, I was motivated to find my baptism anniversary date. And so I reached out to the church where I was baptized and asked for my baptism record. After the church sent me a copy, I bought a silver charm with the word HIS engraved on a heart. And on the back of the charm I put that date!

Open your Bible and read John 15:16: You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name. (NLT)

How do you feel knowing you are CHOSEN by Christ? This is such a hopeful verse! Last week we talked about being ignored or anonymous in our family line, careers, parenting, or community. Accepting the fact that Christ has chosen me helps me break free from a stronghold of rejection. Now I know that I am not a spiritual orphan.

According to Cindi Wood in the Anonymous Bible Study, the only way to get an accurate assessment of yourself is to look to Jesus, not the mirror. For most of my life, the image has been a reflection of my worldview. Magazines, books, television shows, and celebrities… they “define” us. Since becoming a Bible Study Girl, I see my reflection in His Word. That is my mirror.

Today, I have no doubt He has called me to disciple women. I display faithfulness by reflecting Christ in me. Not just online or in small groups, but also my community, church, and home. I love knowing Jesus has prepared a place for me at His table. I am not the guest,  because I am the Bride. And so I carry praise on my lips and wear the fragrance of my Holy Bible. My prayer is the same for you.

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