Angie Smith is a popular Bible teacher. When the Bible Cafe™ led her Seamless study, many women told us how much they enjoyed the experience. Angie unpacks the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation, as one seamless story. Angie Smith is the best-selling author of the bible study Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story, Matchless: the Life and Love of Jesus, as well as two children’s books and several books for adults including Mended, Chasing God and What Women Fear.

(source: Lifeway)

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Angie Smith Quotes

“Sometimes the most meaningful writing doesn’t happen in chronological order.” -Angie Smith

”The Bible wasn’t written for a few  experts to understand while baffling the rest of us.” -Angie Smith

”Refuse to let a defensive stance prevent you from growth.” -Angie Smith

”We always have the choice to believe either God or the devil. It can’t be both.” -Angie Smith

”Even when we didn’t deserve it, God gave us a second chance.” -Angie Smith

”I believe God is good even when I don’t understand will the particulars of His decisions.” -Angie Smith

”God is the only God. There is no other option.” -Angie Smith

“Nobody, nowhere, in any way, shape, or form, has EVER been able to live a perfect life. Until Jesus.” -Angie Smith

”We are made right by faith through the grace of God. Nothing more, nothing less.” -Angie Smith

More Angie Smith Quotes

“When I became a Believer I became His Bride.” Angie Smith

”Satan’s entire existence revolves around wreaking havoc on God’s creation.” Angie Smith

”There is nothing in Scripture that doesn’t mean something.” Angie Smith

”Jesus didn’t just come to the world to die for us; He came to live with us.” Angie Smith

“If you want to be set free, you have to understand the truth.” Angie Smith

”Jesus is the last witness an opposing lawyer would want to have on the stand.” Angie Smith

”Your neighbors are the people in front of you who have a need, regardless of who they are.” Angie Smith

Source: Angie Smith, Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story by Angie Smith, Lifeway Press, Nashville, TN, 2015.
Source: Angie Smith, Matchless: The Life and Love of Jesus by Angie Smith. Lifeway Press, Nashville: TN, 2020.