Many people are talking about “All My Knotted Up-Life: A Memoir” by Beth Moore. This author is a woman I would love to meet at a Bible Cafe table. Unable to meet her in person, I did get to know Beth better through her very personal memoir. Her life is a story worth reading. Here is a book review of the autobiography of popular Bible Teacher Beth Moore.

Pick up the book All My Knotted Up-Life and learn how Beth Moore found freedom from her strongholds. This cohesive message has been witnessed through many Beth Moore Bible studies. She is living proof of living a life captivated by Christ. But, as you will discover in this book, she had one final obstacle to overcome.

What surprised me most about Beth Moore’s autobiography is my strong emotional and physical reaction to the content. Unexpected. Her words are like a surgeon’s scalpel cutting away infestations of our hearts. Those lingering obstacles hold us back from who we truly are in Christ.

Something else I enjoyed about this book is the sense of completion. Looking back at the Beth Moore online Bible studies we have completed at Bible Cafe™ University, this book completes the pieces of her puzzle. It’s a great story of a redeemed child of God!

Powerful, spiritual, and healing … you’ll want to read All My Knotted Up-Life many times. Perfect for book club conversations too!

Book: All My Knotted Up-Life by Beth Moore

New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestseller!

An incredibly thoughtful, disarmingly funny, and intensely vulnerable glimpse into the life and ministry of a woman familiar to many but known by few.

“It’s a peculiar thing, this having lived long enough to take a good look back. We go from knowing each other better than we know ourselves to barely sure if we know each other at all, to precisely sure that we don’t. All my knotted-up life I’ve longed for the sanity and simplicity of knowing who’s good and who’s bad. I’ve wanted to know this about myself as much as anyone. This was not theological. It was strictly relational. God could do what he wanted with eternity. I was just trying to make it here in the meantime. As benevolent as he has been in a myriad of ways, God has remained aloof on this uncomplicated request.” – Beth Moore

New York Times best-selling author, speaker, visionary, and founder of Living Proof Ministries Beth Moore has devoted her whole life to helping women across the globe come to know the transforming power of Jesus. An established writer of many acclaimed books and Bible studies for women on spiritual growth and personal development, Beth now unveils her own story in a much-anticipated debut memoir.

About this Book: 

  • 8 pages of photos
  • An exploration of Beth’s childhood, love, marriage, and motherhood
  • Insights on what it was like when she was “waist-deep in a season of loss”
  • A discussion of her 2018 break with the Southern Baptist movement
  • Details on the origins of Living Proof Ministries

All My Knotted-Up Life is told with surprising candor about some of the personal heartbreaks and behind-the-scenes challenges that have marked Beth’s life. But beyond that, it’s a beautifully crafted portrait of resilience and survival, a poignant reminder of God’s enduring faithfulness, and proof positive that if we ever truly took the time to hear people’s full stories. . we’d all walk around slack-jawed.