Let’s continue our womens online Bible Study for Acts: Awakening to God in Everyday Life by Melissa Spoelstra. We are making great progress in the Bible Cafe™ study. Keep reading your lessons and join us for online Bible study.

As an early missionary, Paul had to embrace flexibility when he encountered opposition. Would it be easier or harder to embrace flexibility today? When you consider the historical context, Paul was limited to the face-to-face conversation and did not have technology as we do today. His opposition was not someone sitting behind her computer screen having a meltdown about something he said. But, in this historical culture, there were more serious punishments than we have today. Freedom of speech was limited.

Like the apostle Paul we are called to make disciples today. Some of the recent challenges we face today are pushing against freedom of speech. We are filtered on social media, silenced for speaking our religious beliefs, and mocked as Christians. Yet we can individually make disciples as people get to know us, see the Fruit of the Spirit inside us, and desire a relationship with God. Never give up making disciples. Be His witness and voice in a darkening world.

Open your Bible to Acts 20:24 NLT: “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” This is all the motivation you need. Share the Good News.

Today I enjoy sharing the testimony of my life before Christ and my life now- with Christ. This transformation took time as I studied my Bible, prayed, and became a stronger believer. When my faith matured my testimony became a blessing to others. This is my prayer for you too! Know Jesus and share your story. Be blessed.

What hinders us from sharing the Gospel, making disciples, and leading others to Christ is pride. The insecurity of saying our story doesn’t matter or that we will be mocked for telling it. The fear of rejection keeps our mouths silent when God calls us to ask them for His witness.

Acts 23:11 reminds us to “be encouraged, be a witness, and preach the Good News.” Let’s make this choice today!

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