To save her family, she’ll risk ruin 

Daphne Davenport knows it is the height of folly to hope a suitor would save her and her family from genteel poverty. She is just going to have to do it herself. So she becomes Lady Spellwater, creator of perfumes the Ton can’t resist. It’s a heady game, more exciting than marriage, but she knows no one can ever find out the truth or the scandal will ruin them all.

But when a dashing earl appears, determined to catch a thief, she scents trouble.

To catch a thief, he’ll risk his empire

Hugh, Earl Mandeville, is hunting Lady Spellwater. Her most successful perfume uses a rare ingredient, one that is being stolen from his warehouses.  Among a multitude of other things that threaten to topple the empire he is so carefully building.

But when Hugh finally tracks her down, he finds the beautiful and spirited Lady Spellwater as irresistible as her perfumes. But will their love survive if he discovers she is the very thief he has been chasing?

A Whiff of Scandal is a sweet regency romance.

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