I lost 10 pounds on the JJ Virgin Diet in one month and I’m living and eating healthy again! In just one month I went down two pant sizes, my brain is more focused, and I feel happy.

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Previously, I spent a fortune on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, HCG Supplements, and other diet programs- and failed to keep off the weight. After reading the JJ Virgin Diet book  I realized the problem was not my “willpower” or my “blood sugar problems” or “emotional eating.” My problem was that I had an unknown sensitivity to two foods- gluten and dairy- and eating them triggered an allergic reaction and weight gain in my body. So no matter how much money I spent on diet programs unless I stopped eating these two foods for six months, I would always struggle with my weight.

Keep in mind, when I first bought the JJ Virgin Diet book, I was discouraged and threw it into the trash! I did not want to be on a restrictive diet as I had failed so many diets in the past. Yet something in the back of my mind said “Get the book out of the trash and read it,” so I did! Since people keep asking “why is it called the Virgin diet?” you should know…because this is the author’s name.

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Since my sister looks amazing after being on the diet, I called her for advice. The first thing she did was take me to a healthy food store (such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes or New Leaf) and showed me what products I needed for the first three weeks of cycle one. So I purchased these items:

  • Unsweetened Soy Delicious Coconut Milk
  • Brown Rice Pasta
  • Sugar-Free, Corn Free, Pasta Sauce
  • Pea Protein Powder
  • Apples, Broccoli, spinach, and Frozen Fruits
  • Cashews
  • Ghee Butter
  • Ground Flax Seed

I quickly discovered that pea-protein powder takes like really disgusting baby food (think smashed green peas) and so I ordered the JJ Virgin Diet version from her website and the taste was much better. For my morning meal, I start with the chocolate protein powder, ground flax-seed, frozen cherries, fresh spinach leaves (you can’t taste it), coconut milk, and a dash of cinnamon. My smoothie is delicious and keeps me full until lunch. On cycle one I had my largest meal at lunch so I would not feel deprived during the day. I would eat the brown rice pasta with a pasta sauce, or with broccoli and cashews. I’d cook a big batch of pasta on Sunday and then all I needed to do was to take the cooked pasta and reheat it in the microwave with my toppings. For dinner on cycle one, I would have another smoothie, vanilla flavor with different fruits.

I was not hungry on the JJ Virgin Diet because a nutritionist placed me on healthy vitamins two weeks before starting. Also, since I have been caffeine free for three years I did not struggle with caffeine detox.  My sister and a few friends observed an extreme hunger during the first three days of starting the diet, but then their hunger went away.

During the reintroduction cycle, I quickly noticed when my body reacts to a food. When I introduced gluten, I got an immediate migraine, my fingers became swollen and I had an asthma attack…it was incredible! When I introduced dairy, I started getting nausea and noticed I was congested and sneezing constantly. I stopped the dairy and three days later the symptoms were gone, plus I lost the three pounds I gained while eating dairy! In addition to following the JJ Virgin Diet, I also use My Fitness Pal to track my food and symptoms.