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The Bible Cafe™ Woman

She’s a woman who loves the Lord and wants a deeper personal relationship with Him. Getting to church for local Bible studies is not always convenient with her work and family schedule. So we bring Bible study experiences right where she is now!

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25 Excuses for Not Participating in Bible Study

Can you think of reasons why you should NOT participate in Bible study? We ask our community for a list of excuses and compiled their favorites- just for fun! You are welcome to add your own excuses in the comments section below, lets have some fun with this! Top 25...

My First Bible Study

My first Bible study was called "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things" by Beth Moore, not exactly the most appealing title! However, it was the only study offered at my church and I wanted to grow in faith, so I enrolled in the study. And then I walked out. Hesitant...

A child’s letter to encourage a friend

A few years ago when my 10 year old daughter came home from school I sensed she had a troubled heart. She was in the fourth grade at a new school and said "Mom, it was the worst day of my life." After a prayer and a hug I gave her some personal space....

50 Scripture Verses on Fear

When we study the Bible we see there are more than 300 scripture verses on fear. Sometimes fear sneaks in like a snake in the dark, and other times it roars at us like a lion. When we recognize a spirit fear is attacking us, the Bible gives us an antidote: we pray!...

Bible Cafe Book Club

How Does the Online Book Club Work? The online book club meets in a private Facebook group. We take the number of chapters in a book, divide by number of weeks in the month, and that's how many chapters we read and discuss each week. It's SUPER casual and...

A Journey to Ministry Online Bible Study

Women often ask me "Christine, how did you start the very first online Bible studies? Christine, what can I do to launch my own ministry?' It's not a short answer, and in fact is something I've taught over 500 men and women how to do through my coaching...

About Us

The Womens Bible Cafe™ ministry started in 2009 when Christine Abraham asked 14 Twitter friends if they wanted to study the Bible together online. It was a WILD idea- so she bought everyone a book and they started meeting online. Since then the Lord has grown the ministry to more than 200,000+ women around the world. He birthed many similar online studies and a passion to magnify Christ through our transforming faith and love.


Not being close to God is both scary and frustrating. We know, we’ve been on that path too.

Many things pull us away from His heart: conflicts in church, fallen leaders, shame and sin, busy lives, and lack of need.

There are times when we may be desperate on the floor of a hospital room and praying (been there) and times when we’re overwhelmed by our schedules and God is the lowest priority in our planners (been there too).

This CAN and WILL change- the decision to get started (instead of hiding when He calls you) is yours. Say yes!