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Bible Studies for Women. Nondenominational Christian Bible study for beginners, prodigals returning to faith, or lifelong Bible students. We are educational like a university, informational like a library, and social like a coffeehouse. Come join us!

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Online Bible Studies for Women. Over 100 Womens Bible Cafe™ Studies. Transform your faith with online Bible study- join us right from your home!

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Popular Womens Online Bible Studies will help you STUDY the Bible, CONNECT with others, and GROW in wisdom. Everyone welcome- come experience a deeper faith with womens Bible study.

Christine Abraham

Writer Redeemed by Christ. Lifetime Bible Reader. Coffee Drinker. Mother of Girls. Meets with friends at local coffee shops to talk about faith and family.

We Are a Community of Women Who Love Jesus

We experience spiritual transformation through Bible Study


Using study book guides from various authors and scholars, we discover Biblical wisdom and as a result, learn how to live a life centered on the character of Christ


By consistently reading and discussing the Holy Bible with other women, we therefore learn about differences in Christian denominations, Bible translations, and theology.


In addition, we connect socially through our small groups in order to encourage and help one other develop a stronger and unshakeable faith.


In other words, we foster a nonjudgmental community rooted in forgiveness, accepting differences, and seeking the love of Christ.

Womens Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study. Meet in private groups by phone, video, or social groups. New online Bible Studies, Beginner Bible Study, and Advanced Bible Cafe™ Studies.

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Bible Studies for Women 

Founded by Christine Abraham in 2009, the Womens Bible Cafe™ is a Nondenominational Christian community. We do not affiliate with a specific church. In other words, everyone is welcome here. As our founder likes to say, “We are educational like a university, informational like a library, and social like a coffeehouse.” Come join us!

Regardless of your spiritual status- churched or unchurched- we invite everyone to study the Bible.

Bible Cafe™ studies are for beginners reading the Bible for the first time. And also, for prodigals who left their faith and are seeking a new experience with God. Lastly, our Bible studies are for women who are lifelong readers of Scripture. We find unity in our uniqueness and enjoy conversations about the Holy Bible. Bring your favorite Bible translation. You will not be judged for who you are, what you read, or how you live. At the Bible Cafe™ your identity is 100% in Christ alone. We gather virtually with the desire to know Jesus.