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The Bible Cafe™ Woman

She’s a woman who loves the Lord and wants a deeper personal relationship with Him. Getting to church for local Bible studies is not always convenient with her work and family schedule. So we bring Bible study experiences right where she is now!

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Recent Articles

It’s a Calamity, Not a Crisis

While praying last week, I felt in my heart these strange words "We will start seeing calamities, not crisis.”"Calamity" isn't in my common vocabulary, so it captured my attention. I researched the meaning from a Biblical dictionary and also a modern...

Update on Christine’s Keto Diet

I wasn't planning to update so soon on my last post "Christine Goes Keto." However  I've received a few emails on this asking for updates. And on Sunday my sister asked at church "Why does your skin look so great?" To encourage my sister, I sent this as an email and...

Bible Cafe Meetup with Melissa Spoelstra

Author Melissa Spoelstra and Womens Bible Cafe™ founder Christine Abraham meet up to discuss Elijah and spiritual stamina. In this conversation we discuss soul care, legacy, mentoring, prayer and surrender. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, find a...

Small Group Leadership Resources

At the Womens Bible Cafe™ we've had the honor to mentor well over 500+ Christian leaders and authors. Many have joined us as volunteers on our team. Others have completed a personalized coaching program with our founder Christine Abraham and started their...

About Us

The Womens Bible Cafe™ ministry started in 2009 when Christine Abraham asked 14 Twitter friends if they wanted to study the Bible together online. It was a WILD idea- so she bought everyone a book and they started meeting online. Since then the Lord has grown the ministry to more than 200,000+ women around the world. He birthed many similar online studies and a passion to magnify Christ through our transforming faith and love.


Not being close to God is both scary and frustrating. We know, we’ve been on that path too.

Many things pull us away from His heart: conflicts in church, fallen leaders, shame and sin, busy lives, and lack of need.

There are times when we may be desperate on the floor of a hospital room and praying (been there) and times when we’re overwhelmed by our schedules and God is the lowest priority in our planners (been there too).

This CAN and WILL change- the decision to get started (instead of hiding when He calls you) is yours. Say yes!