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Bible Literacy

How smart do you need to be?

You don’t need a college education to learn the Bible. But you NEED to understand God’s Word and plan for your life. You NEED to know how to apply the Scriptures to your life- especially when facing troubled times. You NEED to recognize God’s revelation for the future and discern false prophecies.

Everyone is welcome to study.


This has totally changed my life!

I designed the “Bible Cafe” concept after meeting with friends at local coffee shops to talk about family, life, and Jesus. It’s a gathering place of intimate discussion.

My experience birthed a parachurch concept and we were the first online Bible study with just 14 women. Today we are more than  200,000+ women. Together we study, connect and grow in faith.

We gather and learn how to apply the Bible in everyday living. We chat online about family, life, and Jesus. We guide one another with a heart like Christ- surrendered to Him.


Our Community

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Bible Study Courses

Life changing Bible study courses to help you understand God’s Word. Courses include instructor videos, discussion questions and completion certificates.

Live Webinars

When you join a virtual Bible study through your phone, tablet or computer you’re instantly connected with other Christians. No need to drive or get a babysitter.


Monthly mentoring webinar to guide you into a deeper spiritual transformation. Discipleship mentoring on topics relevant to the Christian faith.

Change Your Life

Transform your faith, deepen your relationship with God and improve your understanding of the Bible

  • The Womens Bible Cafe™ is recognized as Top 50 Blog for Christian Women

  • Recognized as Top 50 Bible Study Site

  • Featured in Bible Gateway article

  • Featured in Christian Post Article

  • Mentioned in Focus on the Family book

  • Mentioned in the Enough Movie by Chonda Pierce.

My Story

My Story

Founder and Executive Director

The Womens Bible Cafe™ ministry started in 2009 when Christine Abraham asked 14 Twitter friends if they wanted to study the Bible together online. It was a WILD idea- so she bought everyone a book and they started meeting online. Since then the Lord has grown the ministry to more than 200,000+ women around the world. He birthed many similar online studies and a passion to magnify Christ through our transforming faith and love.

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